Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life is life.

So it's been about a month since my last post. Nothing major has happened unless you count I gave my two weeks notice at the job I didn't like, got registered for classes in information technology and am suffering a headache because I'd forgotten how bad dealing with financial aid offices can be. It's even worse because Suddenlink, the local/regional Internet service provider, has apparently decided now is a perfect time to do service upgrades, causing all kinds of problems for my post work gaming...which admittedly has lead to more post work reading, so that's always good. 

Ulv Hamre and Drage Ulv met up at Four Brothers back in the first weekend of the December, was a damn good time even if poor Terra's tire did seemingly implode. Ask her for more information on that, it's still a mystery. 

Yule is coming up for everyone, but for us in Ulv Hamre, it's especially important because it's our first real major holiday as a group. Winternights was there true, but this will be all of us in one place with at least two bottles of mead, food and somewhere on the list of importance, my batch of buttermilk biscuits. I'm looking forward to seeing what Wulf & Frank have put together for the ritual portion and I'm reaaaaaally looking forward to using my drinking horn for mead.  

Really tonight, as I sit here trying to decipher what patch I next want on my vest and waiting for the iron to warm up, I just wanted to talk briefly about how important it is to me to be a part of Ulv Hamre. Knowing that I've got a group I belong to who share semi-similar opinions, who are also working through life with me, who I can sit around and eat a good sandwich with while talking, has made these past couple of months at work and in life in general a lot easier. 

Sure I have friends outside of Ulv Hamre. My Buddy Mat, who I've known since 4th grade, who is routinely there if I need it, is a good example. Got Josh as well, though he's living in Columbus nowadays and never calls, but when we meet up it's a good time. There's James, who I've been friends with since...well I doubt he remembers either, but it was about the time the first Starcraft was released. He works at Twitter out in California now though and I'm a terrible twitter user. 

Ulv Hamre is easily on the same level as the ones mentioned above, and I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. Ulv Hamre is my tribe. I'll always have friends and family outside the tribe, but the tribe is equally, if not slightly more so, important because to me it represents a chance to help make my mark on something bigger in West Virginia by helping to build a community of heathens here. I suspect Wulf already knew he'd have my help in it, but this is me reaffirming it to the ones who read this,

Ulv Hamre!